About Us



Wb6tv is a 24-hour Dedicated News and Entertainment Channel in San Antonio, Texas.

We provide unique and fresh perspectives on local and national events. Wb6tv has the latest on entertainment news as well as weather updates.
We are based here in San Antonio, but we have broadcast hubs and correspondents all across the country delivering the latest news to our viewers 24 hours a day. Our commitment to delivering the truth is unwavering with reporting that is incisive, courageous and informative.

At wb6tv, we have the most modern technology which allows our teams to gather and disseminate news with speed. Our teams of reporters are dynamic and follow the news whenever and wherever it happens to keep our viewers up-to-date with relevant information fast and accurately.

At Wb6tv, we have a bold agenda and we are considered the most objective and accurate news source given the huge audience we command. Our over 400 professional journalists work behind-the-scenes to deliver the factual news. We have world-class broadcasters in front of the camera who deliver the news from every angle.

We report cold and hard facts offering a variety of opinions plus incisive analysis, allowing our viewers to decide for themselves. Our mission is to provide our viewers with extensive coverage of the all the events that matter.

Wb6tv news is generally about people and entertainment. We tell the stories that influence the lives of the millions of our viewers watching.