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Stealing Maid Arrested

San Antonio, Texas – Police in San Antonio have arrested a 27-year-old woman identified as Ana Sofia in connection with the theft in a home she provided house cleaning services. The maid is suspected to have stolen both cash and jewelry worth thousands of dollars from a client living in Valley Hi-North.

DDThe victim reported the items missing from her home to the San Antonio Police Department after she had hired house cleaning services. The police executed a search warrant and recovered the items from the woman’s residence confirming the theft.

“She has always done a great job and has never stolen anything from my home before”, the victim remarked in disbelief. Cases of property theft connected to house cleaning services have been on the rise. Other victims who did want to be identified also lamented over losing items in the same area.

The items recovered from the suspect’s residence by detectives were mostly jewelry. The police, however, recovered only 3 out of the six jewelry pieces reported missing by the victim. Detectives suspect Ana Sofia’s boyfriend who could not be found at the time must have already sold them at a pawn shop.

The residents of Valley Hi-North no longer trust house cleaning services because this was not the first incident of theft by maids in the neighborhood. The residents who have hired cleaning services from Ana Sofia in the past have been urged to check with San Antonio Police department if any of the items belong to them.

The suspect has admitted to stealing the jewelry and will be facing charges after investigations have been completed.

It is a good idea to always do a background check on your maid, or hire a respected house cleaning company that is bonded and insured and has a good reputation.