Property Management Industry- Overcoming Challenges

Meet Craig Acord the founder and president of Pyramis Company, a San Antonio property management firm. He shares some of the challenges they face in property management industry. Craig is a professional Realtor and a Certified Property Manager with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Excellency-Home-ManagementWe asked Craig whether the challenges in the property management industry had changed and he said: “The challenges generally remain the same”. According to him, the main goal is to acquire more clients and to maintain them by ensuring their satisfaction. The company keeps their clients happy while maintaining optimum costs.

Mr Craig has continuously been monitoring and improving the service quality of Pyramis Company. Ensuring that monthly rental costs are not significantly hiked will keep tenants from leaving. Managing and saving energy is vital in lowering operating costs. “Energy costs make up over 30% of the operating costs,” Craig laments.

There is huge competition in the property management industry. “While competition is healthy for every industry, to succeed the key is to provide quality and efficient services at reasonable costs.” Simply operating smoothly is not enough, the services must be monitored continuously to ensure everyone gets value for their money.

Mr. Craig insists that even where the low property price is the main concern the quality must never be compromised. Nonetheless, for property where high standard and class is the chief concern costs are not only kept at optimum levels but the quality is also maintained.

He calmly points out that the current price reduction pressure has always existed. But because of the current crisis it has been heightened. The goal is to cut operating costs through a concerted effort to fit into the desired prices. Tenants in medium standard buildings are more inclined to sacrifice quality to bring down costs while the others in high-quality offices will demand top quality services.

The experience Mr. Craig has gathered over the years has made Pyramis Company the most efficient Property Management Company in San Antonio. We hope to see him make the company achieve even greater success in future.

Pyramis Company contact information – 8600 Wurzbach Rd #1201, San Antonio, TX, 78240 | (210) 593-9807

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